Ellen Bush

7.5kgs & 19cm in 9 Weeks*



Before joining Vision I was really tired all the time as I slept in and wasn't very active during the day. I lacked motivation to do anything and often found myself just napping constantly. This made me feel like I wasn't achieving anything out of my days and time was just flying past. I didn't really have anything of importance to focus my energy on so I felt as though I was just existing without any real purpose or direction. I hadn't made the decision to change my habits as I was just settling for second best. I knew my body had changed and I had put on weight but I had just accepted that fact. I knew everything I was doing was unhealthy but I thought that it was just actually one of my "personality traits" to eat whatever and when ever I wanted. 

Vision has educate me on the effect foods have on your body. The nutrition sessions really guided me in the right direction by helping me select which foods to steer away from. I was surprised to learn that although some things may be regarded as healthy by everyday people that doesn't mean that they necessarily are. The vision food diary has been like my bible, it has been that extra helping hand throughout my journey and I think it's such a clever thing to have at your disposal.

The biggest benefits from my Vision experience is I now feel I have a real sense of accomplishment at the end of my day. Waking up early and going to a group session at vision starts my day off really positively. Once I have finished at the gym I happily get around to doing all those things I used to put off. Never have I ever accomplished so much out of just 9 weeks of my life! The constant support and friendship of all the Trainers and clients has made my experience so enjoyable. Everyone at vision is so encouraging and really wants each other to succeed. My friends that have watched my journey say I have made such a transformation and they are really proud of me. Not only have I transformed my eating and exercise habits but I now lead a more happy and active lifestyle.

Before joining Vision I had just cancelled a gym membership I had held for 6 months because I never went, I felt embarrassed and uncomfortable in the gym environment. Vision definitely didn't feel like any gym I had been to before, I wasn't intimidated, I felt welcome and eager to begin my transformation. Straight after I first contacted Vision I was assigned a trainer who assessed my individual needs. Before I knew it I had a program to follow and all the assistance and encouragement I needed. What ever you want to achieve is achievable but sometimes you need specific and individual guidance to make it happen. 

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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