Hannah Condon

9kgs lost*



I just felt blergh. I was always bloated, exhausted from doing the bare minimum and had decided that with my genetics that there was nothing I could do about my body shape. I wasn't happy but didn't have the motivation to do anything to change that. It took a long time for me to acknowledge that I needed to make some major changes. I thought I was fairly active and I thought I was eating well but it took a few bad photos and a few brave friends to push me in the right direction. Then I thought it was just going to be too hard and I didn't know enough to start making the changes. I had a bad perception of gyms and didn't think the gym scene was for me at all. The smallest changes can have the biggest results. I don't have to completely restrict my diet, I can still enjoy the food I like. It surprised me how unbalanced my diet was even though I thought I was eating "healthy" so learning about nutrition has been the biggest discovery. Also discovering that I enjoy lifting weights! I had only set foot in a gym a handful of times before and had only used the cardio equipment because everything else scared me. I immediately felt so welcomed and all my fears of joining a gym washed away during the trial session. The gym culture that had scared me away for years isn't present at Vision - it's a very personalised approach and you soon realise that everyone is there for the same reasons and for the right reasons. It's a really supportive community. There are so many choices with classes and the app is super helpful and easy to use. Just walk through the door, because you will quickly realise that everything that was stopping you from coming in was just a mental block. Vision allows you to go at your own pace, your program is created just for you with achievable targets and goals. It's a small gym but that means you get personalised training that's going to make the biggest difference and changes to your lifestyle.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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11kg lost in 5 months*

9kgs lost-before9kgs lost-after

Hannah Condon

9kgs lost*

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14kgs and 38cm Lost*

*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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