Jack Langhorn

I'm proud of what I have been able to achieve, for me*



A half tub of ice-cream, an entire bag of lollies, a large packet of chips. Looking back, it's fair to say I love food and at times struggled to control the amount of food I ate. When I saw my Year 11 School Formal photos, I knew behind the smile I was tired of being overweight. I finally spoke with my parents who supported me in joining Vision Personal Training Wollongong.

It felt the right time - I needed to do something and finally felt I could. It's true what people say  "motivation does not come before the action. You have to do the action THEN motivation follows" - Now I love being active.

I found myself enjoying exercise for the first time in my life and is such a normal part of my life now.  I even get a bit grumpy if I skip it for a few days. I'm 20kgs lighter, the lightest I have been since starting high school, I hardly have any asthma or shortness of breath and I've met and made a whole new group of friends on this health journey with me, I've done it independently from my parents but mostly I'm proud of how I've done this for me.  

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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Wollongong Studio Testimonials

11kg lost in 5 months-before11kg lost in 5 months-after

Geneveive Bonello

11kg lost in 5 months*

9kgs lost-before9kgs lost-after

Hannah Condon

9kgs lost*

20kgs lost-after

Samara Floro

20kgs lost*

18kgs Lost-after

Sue Reid

18kgs Lost*

32kgs lost-before32kgs lost-after

Aleisha Dorahy

32kgs lost*

23kg Lost-before23kg Lost-after

Bev Francis

23kg Lost*

13.8 kgs lost-before13.8 kgs lost-after

Justin Piccirillo

13.8 kgs lost*

20kg lost-before20kg lost-after

Greg Connor

20kg lost*

10kg and 25.5cm lost-before10kg and 25.5cm lost-after

Rosemary De Santis

10kg and 25.5cm lost*

16kg and 39cm lost-before16kg and 39cm lost-after

Jade Howieson

16kg and 39cm lost*

62.7 kg and 100cm lost-before62.7 kg and 100cm lost-after

Cameron Williams

62.7 kg and 100cm lost*

14.8kg and 55cm lost-before14.8kg and 55cm lost-after

Jennilee Palmer

14.8kg and 55cm lost*

26kg and 62.7cm lost-before26kg and 62.7cm lost-after

Effie Abdelmessih

26kg and 62.7cm lost*

14kgs and 38cm Lost-before14kgs and 38cm Lost-after

Flora Karanfilovski

14kgs and 38cm Lost*

*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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