Leon Hatcher

9% body fat lost and 100kg deadlift*

Before joining Vision, I looked and felt very sluggish. I was never happy with my strength and the fact I shopped for clothes that would disguise my weight rather than shop for clothes I really wanted to wear. I always made excuses when it came changing my lifestyle, I often said I was too busy, or I couldn't afford to join the gym. It was these excuses that prevented me doing anything for so long. The most surprising thing I learnt is that anyone can do this, the change in my physique and strength in such a short period of time has opened my eyes to what is possible when your truly committed to change. The biggest benefit from vision is the relationship between the trainer and yourself, you're in it together. They want you to succeed the same if not more than you and they act as a source of accountability even though sometimes I hated it, but it was necessary for me to improve. The reward has blown my mind. If your someone who has little or no experience in fitness and want guidance in exercise and dieting and really want to change your life, the trainers will guide you and are here for you. There is never a moment where they put your interests first and as long as your ready for change anything is possible.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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How we build muscle*

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Wollongong Studio Testimonials

11kg lost in 5 months-before11kg lost in 5 months-after

Geneveive Bonello

11kg lost in 5 months*

9kgs lost-before9kgs lost-after

Hannah Condon

9kgs lost*

20kgs lost-after

Samara Floro

20kgs lost*

18kgs Lost-after

Sue Reid

18kgs Lost*

32kgs lost-before32kgs lost-after

Aleisha Dorahy

32kgs lost*

23kg Lost-before23kg Lost-after

Bev Francis

23kg Lost*

13.8 kgs lost-before13.8 kgs lost-after

Justin Piccirillo

13.8 kgs lost*

20kg lost-before20kg lost-after

Greg Connor

20kg lost*

10kg and 25.5cm lost-before10kg and 25.5cm lost-after

Rosemary De Santis

10kg and 25.5cm lost*

16kg and 39cm lost-before16kg and 39cm lost-after

Jade Howieson

16kg and 39cm lost*

62.7 kg and 100cm lost-before62.7 kg and 100cm lost-after

Cameron Williams

62.7 kg and 100cm lost*

14.8kg and 55cm lost-before14.8kg and 55cm lost-after

Jennilee Palmer

14.8kg and 55cm lost*

26kg and 62.7cm lost-before26kg and 62.7cm lost-after

Effie Abdelmessih

26kg and 62.7cm lost*

14kgs and 38cm Lost-before14kgs and 38cm Lost-after

Flora Karanfilovski

14kgs and 38cm Lost*

*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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