Emma McCormick

Lost 23.6kg and won National Weight Loss Challenge*



People keep asking what my secret is? What do I do that they're not doing? My honest response is I couldn't have done it without Blake Eastwood and the team at Vision Personal Training North Ryde. By team, I'm not only referring to the Trainers, who are each and every one phenomenal in their own right, but the family/team environment they've created at the Studio. Being part of the Vision family means you train in an atmosphere you want to spend time in and more importantly want to return to. You feel like and are a part of the team.


When I first walked in at 92kgs and each team member introduced themselves and made sure they knew my name it was a little daunting. Then I sat down with Blake for my goal session and as a result of his warm, caring nature, my life and my goals flooded out of my mouth, he listened and supported how I'd got to that weight. When I told him I wanted to lose 35kgs he didn't bat an eyelid, yet simply said 'we've got this'. I walked out feeling so positive and knew we did.


Each day I turned up and was met with greetings from every Trainer and slowly other members of the Studio. After a week Blake wanted me to do a group class which was daunting for me at the size I was. When it came time for boxing I almost left, I thought at my size I was too unfit and it would be unfair to be someone's partner. Blake took my hand and paired me with a member of the Vision family who took me under their wing and supported me through the class and I really enjoyed it. It soon became apparent that the classes were really another personal training session, just with more friends. I now make the group classes part of my training program and include new team members whenever I can. 


In regards to my eating, I made sure I knew my macros, planned my food diary and printed out my shopping list so I was organised for the week. I had indicated to Blake what I wanted to achieve and by using my VVT I had the tools to achieve it. I logged in each meal and simply ate what the plan told me to. The next step of my journey will involve using the knowledge I've obtained during the seminars and training sessions in conjunction with weights and cardio training to maintain my new weight. 


I'm asked often how I did it with five children and my response is: The same as I would have done it with no children...it just cost me a whole lot more money in childcare. It was sitting with Blake and setting a goal then working through each day with him till we achieved it. "We" being the operative word, you and your Trainer become a team and I liked to think of Blake and I as an unbeatable team. 


The final words I'd like to express about my journey are to thank Blake Eastwood for the amazing emotional support he showed throughout the entire journey. He was always ready with a smile and a positive comment, a kick in the bum when needed, a joke to make me smile, at the end of the phone for a whinge or just available for a hug when things got hard. He became so much more than a Trainer; he became someone I refused to let down because he refused to let me down. I feel in life there are so many people who drift through without much care or thought. With Blake however, he has made a dedicated decision to help people achieve their dreams and he does this with the utmost skill and professionalism. I can with absolute confidence say he was an integral part in me achieving my goal and I will be eternally grateful for what we've achieved together.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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*Desclimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals