Jeff Burchell

Lost 50kg and competes in Gold Coast Marathon*



"Before Vision, I had high cholesterol, pre diabetes and I was a candidate for yet another heart attack. In the past, I had tried nearly everything known to man to lose the weight without any success. My doctor's words, 'get the fat off you son, or don't bother wasting my time'was what got me motivated to try once more.

On my first day I told my trainer, EJ, I would never run… Since joining Vision, I have competed in the Byron Bay Lighthouse event, climbed Mt Warning, Gold Coast Half Marathon, Townsville Classic and many more.

In my first 9 weeks, I lost 19.2 kgs and have gone on to lose a total of 50kg. My cholesterol is now 3.4 with no sign of pre diabetes. I've gone from 7XXL to 2 XXL. The key factors to my success has been possible through joining the Vision family, making new friends that have the same goals in weight loss, having people that go through the same highs and lows and emotions that go with it and the continued support of the whole staff at Vision".

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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Josh Braund

Lost 110kg in 10 months*

Reece Taylor

15kg Weight Loss*

Darren Kime

Weight loss 40kg*

Leon Wolf

Lost 37 kg and ran a marathon*

Bec Pike

Lost 37 kg*

Tish Browning

Lost 17.7kg in 9 weeks (21% total body weight)*

*Desclimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals