Paul Anderson

How Paul Lost 17.6kg in 5 months*



Hearing the words 'high, elevated blood pressure, diabetes, obesity' during my medical check-up, raised alarm bells. Using the 'busy at work' excuse for not exercising was not going to work for me anymore. In the beginning, I made small steps with simple goals - wearing tight t-shirts and singlets. Within a few short months, my goals grew to running on a beach without
a shirt. With the Vision team's education and support, along with the Studio's friendly atmosphere, there would be only one outcome: success! Since joining Vision, I have run in several events including the Mudrun, the Australian Masters Games and a half marathon. I have now signed up for another half marathon and have set a goal of celebrating my 50th birthday by completing the Blackmores Full Marathon. Today I am a new person with increased self esteem and conīŦdence. Vision has allowed me to enjoy life, to the fullest.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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*Desclimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals