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Marnie Benney

tish after photo
Losing 17.7kg in 9 weeks* goals has filled me with a new found happiness and confidence, it is really possible to change your life and I’m so proud with what I have achieved. I’ll never get tired of hearing how good I now look and to be able to walk into any clothing store and know they will have my size is incredible.
Tish Browning
Matt after photo
My outlook on life has changed dramatically. I have more energy, confidence and now can do things previously. In total I lost 83kg* and I’ve gone from wearing 7X-8X to a men’s Large as well as competed in the Gold Coast half marathon.”
Matt Cooper

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The Vision Experience Program is what makes really large health and fitness goals such as losing 60kg* or running a marathon achievable to people who couldn’t even see themselves losing 5 kilos or walking to the corner store for the Sunday paper. The program focuses on emotions, education, eating and exercise and is backed up with world class systems, training and an online tracking food and exercise diary. There are over 14,000 personal training and nutrition sessions being delivered weekly by the team of experts at Vision Personal Training. They are waiting to help you tackle your specific goals.

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Be Accountable with Vision Virtual Training. Anywhere Anytime

Vision Virtual Training is the online food and exercise diary filled with videos, recipes and education tips to help track your macronutrients and keep you on track to achieve your goals. The Vision Personal Trainers will use the online program to help you when you are away from the studio. If there isn’t a studio in your area you can join the program online from anywhere in the world.

Your Own Macronutrient Formula For Success

At Vision we’ll help calculate your special macronutrient formula for success. Based off your body type, current condition, activity level and what you want to achieve, you'll get a specific ratio of how many carbohydrates, protein and fats you need to consume each day to reach your goal. You'll also receive thousands of food choices, meal plans, recipes and cooking demonstrations to inspire you to cook for your weight loss and fitness goal success.


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